Events and Activities

CHS GR always seeks to support its mission; the promotion of the Greek civilization and paideia. Since the inauguration of its official operation in 2008, CHS has developed and continues to establish such collaborations, many of which have now become long-term joint events, constantly evolving through the years. Within this context, multiple events have been developed in cooperation with institutions from Greece and abroad that focus on intercultural exchanges and the development of an ongoing dialogue among researchers of Hellenic studies and different academic disciplines alike.

Events Series

Events Series

The Events Series 2020 focuses on the topic of “Eutopia, Dystopia, Utopia: Environmental aesthetics and politics”. On this topic, we seek to raise and discuss the following issues: the natural and built environment, as an experience and as a source of inspiration and imagination; political, philosophical and anthropological approaches of the environment in different historical periods; scientific, theological and ethical aspects of climate change.

Spetses AKSS

Performing Texts International Conference

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC, Harvard University (CHS US) on behalf of the Network for the Study of Archaic and Classical Greek Song, and with the support of the Center for Hellenic Studies (Greece), Harvard University (CHS Greece), organizes the 6th Open International Conference entitled “Performing Texts”.

CHS GR Location Nafplio

Municipality of Nafplio

Both CHS and the Municipality of Nafplio contribute to a productive and multilevel cooperation, which involves the organization of many cultural events and educational activities. Cooperation with local authorities and the broader community is an important part of the Center’s mission.


Philekpaideutiki Etaireia

CHS and the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning (SPEL), or Philekpaideutiki Etaireia, lead a series of joint activities related to the study and promotion of Greek culture and the humanities since 2013. Their joint educational activities and events have benefited over 2,000 participants throughout the years.

CHS GR Harvard Worldwide Week 2017

Past Events

CHS has co-organized, implemented, or supported a number of events and joint activities with institutions from Greece and abroad throughout the years.